Good coffee is as elegant as a haute couture dress and as sensual as an attractive woman


“Best things always happen after
the first morning coffee.”


Sometimes a scent, a taste can evoke a feeling. The taste of Neapolitan espresso coffee is easily recognizable and appreciated all around the world. This is the point: good coffee should be as elegant as an haute couture dress and as sensual as a beautiful woman. Our goals are to create high-quality coffee and to spread information and awareness about the coffee world. Our efforts to create a quality product are clear in the special coffee blends we offer and in the tasteful atmosphere that welcomes customers, so they can immediately understand this is not just any Cafè. We want our project, CHICCO do Mexico, to be different, recognizable and strongly characterized.

Our small coffee factory

At Chicco we serve our special coffee blends selection to achieve the perfect flavor balance between softness and strength. On average it takes about 300 seconds for the aromatic substances to disperse irreversibly. For the best results, coffee is grounded just before brewing, to preserve its freshness and to fully satisfy customers.


CHICCO Montenapoleone

Bistrot, Pizza, Cafè, Suites
Piazza Filippo Meda, angolo Via Catena, 2
20121 Milano
T: (+39) 02.72105410

Opening Hours

From Monday to Saturday
7:30 > 21:00


CHICCO Carrobbio

Largo Carrobbio
20123 Milano
T: (+39) 02.36566354

Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Sunday
07:30 > 19:00

07:30 > 14:00

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